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Hey there!

It’s been a long time since we posted our last pic… At the moment we can’t post anymore but be patient!

Meanwhile, M (her) is answering all you questions about sex or relationship issues on her blog

Feel free and see you soon!


I'm a virgin and I'm really scared about having sex. I masturbate sometimes but I have never fingered myself, only rubbed my clit. Is there anyway to make me cum by myself besides fingering myself?

For most women, direct clit stimulation is needed to reach orgasm. This means that if you keep rubbing, you’ll probably end up coming … no finger/toy/penis insertion required! If it takes too much time and you get tired before reaching THE moment, it may be because your brain needs stimulation too. Try reading stories that turn you on or looking at pictures while you’re masturbating… And if you want to try something entirely different, use your shower head. I had a long and meaningful relationship with mine when I was a virgin and really scared about having sex ;)


PLEASE give detailed bj tips. how to avoid teeth etc thank you!!

Mmmm.. I’ll give you some tips of what I like to do and what works great with my man, but keep in mind that what makes a mindblowing blow job starts with being connected to your partner and listening carefully to his body language (ie if he curls up his toes, start moaning and can’t lay still, you’re on the right track).
1. Use your hands. You swirl your tongue on the head of his cock while your both hands follows as you go up and down. You can also cup one hand at the base of his penis and lightly squeeze. You can also massage his balls, grab his ass, etc… just use your hands!!
2. Pay attention to his balls. Suck them, lick them, touch them… Don’t let his shaft gets all the attention!!
3. Start slowly. Drive him crazy by playfully licking around his belly button, his inner thighs, underneath his balls… have him beg for it.
4. Use your imagination. Never underestimate the power of a mirror so he can watch you work. Or tie his hands. Or wake him up by sucking his dick….suprise him.
5. Mix things up. Go slow, then fast, use a hand, then two, then none, then go deep… keep him guessing so he’ll never know what you’re going to do next.
6. Rough it up. If you guys are up for it and if your man has a bit of a dominant side, let him do the work… My personal favorite position for this is me kneeling in front of him, with my back against a wall, he’s holding my hands up and use my mouth as he pleases. You need a good communication though as HE sets the pace!

There you go.. I hope you guys will have fun trying that. As for your teeth… put your tongue over your bottom teeth and wrap your lips over the top ones… it should keep his cock safe ;)


Would love to see a photo shoot of you and your lady step by step lubing her ass and then inserting your cock.

I juste LOVE getting stuff like that in the mailbox!
Dear mailbuddy, we are currently away (again…) from each other for work and family related reasons, but as soon as he gets his sexy self back here, I’ll beg him to do me all that and we’ll post pictures, you have my word ;) It should be in a couple of weeks. -M

Awesome blog guys! You're both sexy as hell. I have a little question for you. I just met this awesome girl.. She's sexy, smart, funny... but I was very disappointed to find out we don't share the same sexual tastes. Do you think it's possible to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't share your kinks???

Hey there, thanks a lot that’s sweet ;)
To answer your question, I’ll assume 2 things : First, your kinks are not of the mega top extreme/illegal kind. Second, that you KNOW after really DISCUSSING it with her that you and your girlfriend don’t share the same tastes. Because don’t forget, at the very beginning of a relationship, it’s easy to be shy and to be afraid to scare the guy away by being too sluty too soon.
All that being said, I think it’s possible for a relationship like that to work if, and only if, you’re both willing to give the other one what he/she needs from time to time, even if it’s not your cup of tea. You aren’t very specific in your question, so I’ll just assume your kinky and she’s vanilla. (Very stereotypical of me I agree, but it’s for clarity’s sake. You can switch role or change the terms, it doesn’t matter. ) So your job as a good lover, is to happily give her the sex she wants. And her job is to reciprocate. If she can’t bring herself to it, then she should consider the fact that you may get your needs satisfied somewhere else. If she cannot accept that either my friend, leave this sexy, smart, funny and SELFISH girl behind. A sexually frustrated person makes a very bad partner anyway.

- M

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make it a sexy one, shall we?

You must have a lot of fun together! :) And yes, your answer helped. We're going to apply your technique! I agree with you about threesome. Actually, it DOES turn me on. That's weird. Thinking of my girlfriend having fun with an other guy beside me turn me on a lot. I don't know why. Maybe because of the frustration it would create and the wish to get revenge and bring her to heel sexually. I don't know how to explain. But I think I couldn't bear it for real. It's mixed. Do you think it's weird?

I don’t think it’s weird.. Kinks are there.. you can fight them or embrace them. I probably couldn’t explain why some stuff turns me on… I just indulge ;) But then again, I wouldn’t do stuff that would hurt my relationship and I know pretty well that’s what having a threesome would do. We played with the idea of having other people watching us though. Maybe you could give this a thought too.. and you could still punish your girl because she got wet having another man watching her naked ;)


Hi! I loved her answer to yesterday's question. My girlfriend and I practice submission. She likes to be a bit forced, to say "no" for me to continue and stuff like that. But I'm afraid to go too far. I often asked her if she is ok and she is a little frustrated with that. It prevents us from being fully in the mast/sub relationship. She tells me not to worry and enjoy. I have many ideas in my head but I'm afraid she thinks I'm too weird. What is your experience on that? I'd like your advice...

Hey there… Pick up a safe word that is nowhere near “no,stop, don’t, etc…” Let’s say, for example, Pokemon. As long as she doesn’t say Pokemon, you can go on… even if she’s begging you to stop. You won’t have to ask her consistently if she’s ok and you’ll be both able to let go and enjoy the moment ;)
As for your worries about being too weird… well I think this is the biggest obstacle on the way to mind-blowing sex and if we would just let go of those fears, we’d be in a pretty interesting place. You can ask her what would be her hard limits, and play inside of them… or just go with the flow and she’ll pokemon you if you go to far. I hope this helps!


Hey there guys, a little question. I'm strangely enough having a hard time deciphering if my girlfriend (my submissive) is ever in the mood. It sounds incredibly silly, but sometimes I find being assertive with her over text and telling her I'm in the mood is pushy. It's different when we've scheduled a session of play and sex... because we obviously know something is happening, but I feel the spontaneous action is fading, only because I never know when it's appropriate. Thoughts?

The idea behind being a submissive is to surrender all control over your mind and body to someone else. That’s the hot part… which makes the whole experience so intense. So if she likes that kind of role-play, she probably CRAVE you being pushy! I don’t know about your arrangement guys, but you should definitely stop worrying about that and go for it every time you feel like it.
As for me, I think nothing is sexier than being told that he wants me and that he’s going to have me. That sure puts me in the mood, even if I wasn’t at first. Maybe that’s just me, but knowing there’s absolutely nothing I can do to avoid it… ouf it turns me on just writing it. Build up anticipation through out the day, be consistent, and she’ll be burning up by the time she gets home. Hope it helps ;)